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Meet the Team

 Church Staff Team

Senior Minister (Interim) - Rev. Ben and Esther Brown




Ben, our Senior Minister (Interim), is married to Esther, our Worship Pastor, they have 3 children. They have been in church leadership for a number of years in Ashbourne and Stafford in the Midlands, moving to Ryde in 2022.  They enjoy travelling, trying out new foods and exploring new places.

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Youth & Children's Pastors - Norita & Charl van der Walt

Norita & Charl joined the staff team in April 2024 as Youth and Children's Pastors. Originally from South Africa they moved to the Island in 2022.



Church Leadership Team

Senior Minister (Interim) - Rev Ben Brown







Elder - Alan and Barbara Sargent

Alan is married to Barbara and is an Elder in the church. He is also responsible for the finance of the church.



Elder - Mat and Hanna Aubert






Mat is married to Hanna and is an Elder in the church. They have a son. Mat has a passion for youth work among other things.


Elder - Trevor and Lucy Nicholas


Trevor is married to Lucy and is an Elder in the church. They have three Children. Trevor is also the CEO of Aspire Ryde, a charity looking at social action needs on the island.


Island Wide Ministry Team

Rev. Paul and Rachel Meredith




Paul is married to Rachel, they have two girls. Paul and Rachel met whilst training at Elim Bible College in 2002 and have since been in ministry together, joining Ryde Elim in 2007.

Revs. Richard and Rajinder Buxton



Richard and Rajinder have previously been missionaries in both Tanzania and Malaysia, but most recently been the Pastors of Ealing Christian Centre in London. They have a particular responsibility for the prayer ministry across the Island and in the church. 



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